My elevator pitch to the new year


Hello New Year. Allow myself to introduce... myself.

Last year, I wished you’d go easy on me. I said EASY. And I didn’t know it then but when I said it, I cheapened myself out of all the stuff actually worthwhile. I was trying to take short cuts, read the cliff notes, get the quick fix & skip to the end. “Cut me some slack. Give me a break,” I said. I thought I deserved it. And for half of that year, I got exactly what I asked for. Easy, cheap, hollow stuff.

And don’t get me wrong. I’m glad that it happened. It had to.

But this year, I changed my mind. I want to earn the good stuff. Because I know nothing that’s really good ever comes easy. So 2018, I don’t want the easy way out. Don’t let me win just because I’m a girl. Don’t give me a head start. Don’t fight with one arm behind your back. Give me all you’ve got. Drop the gloves;) Reveal the ace up your sleeve. Give me your best, new year. I’m giving you mine.