Reset Your Password


Last night, my debit card number got stolen and my email got hacked. How annoying it is to have to close the card and reset my passwords to make them stronger, more secure and un-hackable. But then I felt a tug... What is God calling ME to reset, make bulletproof, solid, steadfast? What is God asking me to fix before I’m hacked.

You see, it’s about prevention.

We make our passwords lengthy to prevent the threat of being hacked and our info being stolen, our identity even! So, what is God calling us to change, reset, and protect with an even stronger foundation? He’s already strengthened and improved my friendships, how I treat others and the time I spend listening to others. He’s already made me bold, ready to take on risks and new challenges. 

But what about My relationship with him? Absolutely. He knows it’s not as secure as He and I would like it to be. He’s calling me to make it stronger and impenetrable because He knows right now, the slightest setback or delay can sometimes leave me reeling, wallowing and questioning my faith. He wants me to be more patient and more understanding while I wait for answers. And most importantly, He wants our faith to be locked securely with an awesome password filled with upper case letters, numbers and special characters (Him, scripture, verses and life lessons). All of this is contributing to your awesome, secure, lengthy, edited password (your faith).

Each person’s is unique and special to only them.

So what is God asking you to reset today? Which wire is He tapping? What feels weak right now? Your faith, your bravery, your friendships, your time management, your finances? Whatever it may be, take the extra time today to log on, dig deep and reset your password. Make it stronger so that it is indestructible and strive toward an unwavering faith.

 “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, lacking nothing.” (James 1:4)