But I'm not ready...

Sometimes I am just not ready. I wasn't ready for this picture. It's human nature to be afraid to move forward or to start something new. Lately, I've found myself telling God, "I'm just not ready- to start a new project, to make a change, to accept an ending, to start over. We want to feel prepared, but that's when I feel a tug from the Holy Spirit saying, " You don't have to be. Just begin."

I find myself white knuckling the doorway when He says, "let go" or "go," giving me a little push.

I've been fearful to move forward. I keep waiting for my scars to heal and my wounds to close. But God takes the scars we aren't ready to expose and he turns them into glorious ruins.

I've never been sky diving but I imagine when people get up there to finally jump, they say to themselves, "I'm not ready!!" Before my first roller coaster ride, I'm sure I held up the line and said "I can't. I'm not ready. You go first." But that's a perfect example of something that ended up being so much fun.

This reminds me that some of the best things I've ever started or been a part of, were things I wasn't quite ready for. These things ended up being some of the most rewarding times in my life. How many experiences would I have let pass me by or never tried, if I waited until I was "ready?"

These things I wasn't ready for catapulted me into learning just how much I could handle; how far God could stretch me. They forced me to grow and find out more about myself. They've tested my stamina and my endurance.  The comeback is always better and bigger than the setback, even if we aren't ready for the comeback to begin. 

So what aren't you ready for that you feel God is calling you to start? What will you begin today as you take the first step toward your comeback?