Let God Perform Your Heart Surgery

I stopped into MMELO Confections yesterday. The man asked me if I wanted more milk in my cortado. I said "sure" and when he poured it in, he said with the most wonderful English accent "oh, I've completely destroyed your heart!" I didn't mind. He let me stay and finish my drink even as they were closing. 

But I thought, while my latte art may be destroyed, isn't it nice to know that our own hearts are never fully destroyed beyond repair? Even when our hearts get broken, and we feel lost and damaged, God promises us it will be healed! But we need not rely on others to do the mending.

Many of us, including myself, are guilty of jumping from one earthly relationship to the next in hopes of the pain going away quickly. When we do this, we are only putting a band-aid on it. We aren't fully healing, we're just masking the hurt for the time being. 

Stop rushing to the CVS Minute Clinic and check into the hospital, baby. Put away the dinky first aid kit and let God perform your heart surgery. You deserve a full and thorough procedure.

We have to focus on God alone and let him place someone in our lives that reflects His love. If we don't wait for Him to reveal our special person with a PhD in loving us, inevitably humans will continue to break our hearts and they do not have the capacity or the tools to fix it. Only God rebuilds and restores our hearts to be more like His.

"Create in me a pure heart and renew a steadfast spirit within me." [Psalm 51:10]

p.s. although it's not in the Bible, I'd like to think God would agree that little piece of chocolate on the right is good for the heart too;) 

Disclaimer: I am not implying that you should only marry an actual doctor...